Tax Preparation

This Does Not Have To Be You!


Even with software readily available, preparing and filing taxes each year can be a daunting and frustrating task. Lots of changes happen every single year, the forms can be confusing, and you may wonder at the end of the process if you really got everything right. At Briggs Financial, we strive not only to make sure that your tax return is accurate and filed correctly, but to also actively provide thoughts and insights on what you can be doing in your lifestyle during the year to improve for next year. We view tax returns as part of a financial health checkup, so we'll try to give you tips and ideas on ways you can make improvements. Finally, our pricing is based on what forms we file for you and the amount of work we do - not based on the size of your return, so you know clearly you are getting what you are paying for. Schedule a free consultation today and let's talk about what your tax preparation needs are and how Briggs Financial can help you.