Sharing Our Values Through Compensation

It is important for our team members to be well cared for by the firm. On the most basic of levels, we believe that every person deserves both dignity and mutual respect. We also believe that everyone is important and contributes to the growth and success of the company. That alone is sufficient justification for being thoughtful not just of …

Full Stop on GameStop

GameStop is a garbage company that has yet to demonstrate any actual path toward a better business model and/or sustainted profitability.

Changes to Retirement Saving Incoming: Surprise, You’re Being Exploited!

Less than two years ago, in spite of all the political tensions that existed even before the 2020 election season and the year and half that has been COVID, Congress agreed on something. They agreed to a series of reforms to the rules of how retirement distributions work, revising decades of policy in a quiet end-of-year maneuver, passing easily through …

2021: From Perseverance Comes Progress

2021: From Perseverance Comes ProgressBriggs Financial Inc. Annual Letter There is no possible way that I could write in a paragraph or a page, or even an entire book, all the thoughts and feelings and sentiments I have regarding the year 2020. So I won’t. What I will say is that while 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year on …

The stock market is not efficient.

Retail and professional investors alike have been fed for half a century that the markets are entirely efficient and that there is no way to “beat” them. I think they are wrong, and in this article I introduce the case for how we approach investing in contrast to the 80% “lemmings” of the market.

The Argument for Truly Zero-Cost Covid-19 Vaccinations

Over the past couple of weeks, both Pfizer and Moderna released preliminary results from their stage 3 test of its COVID-19 vaccine claiming 90%+ efficacy. Leveraging mRNA technology, this breakthrough blows open not only our ability to treat COVID-19, but also has significant implications for developments of future vaccines and treatments. That all said, there have been concerns raised regarding …

Mummy & Deaddy Halloween Tax

Turn trick-or-treat into a fun, albeit twisted game of learning about TAXES! Associate Adviser Shawn Block writes about how he and his wife teach their kids about taxes.

5 Costly Investment Mistakes

With how chaotic the world is right now, it is easy to lose sight of how your investment are – or aren’t – being managed. Here is a list of 5 of the most costly errors I see investors making.

Working From Home Lifestyle Tips

I like to joke that Briggs Financial has been preparing for coronavirus since we first began doing business in January 2018. That’s because from the beginning, my firm’s office has been in my home – I’ve been working from home for over two years now, and enjoy the lifestyle tremendously. However, for many people including yourself, this will be your …