Sharing is caring. It can even mean savings and better health if the lifestyle fits you.

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With housing costs on the rise, more people are considering a shared housing environment, or co-living, to meet their living needs. In some cases, this involves one party owning the home while additional tenants live in the space. In other cases, all parties agree to rent the same living space and split costs, and still others are matched through a … Read More

Make Money-Smart Home Improvements this Spring

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Don’t leave a sofa for Murphy when you make home improvements and updates. As we roll into springtime, many Americans are spending money to make improvements to their home.  With the housing market continuing to improve, home sellers are starting to make those key updates they may have held back on in the hopes of improving the price of their … Read More

Qualified Retirement Contribution Day is Just 50 Days Away! Are you Celebrating?

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There are special days for all sorts of things – National Pizza Day (February 9th – I had BBQ Chicken), International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th), and even International Tabletop Day (April 28th this year for you board gamers out there). So I am pleased to inform you that this year, April 17th is National Qualified Retirement Contribution … Read More

Valentine’s Day Approaches – Plan Ahead or Pay the Procrastinator Tax!

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It is just 22 days until Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome. Valentine’s Day might be just one day of the year, but it is a very big one day.  In the United States alone, the National Retail Federation projects Valentine’s spending to eclipse $18 billion, of which over $4 billion is spent on jewelry and another $2 billion spent on flowers. … Read More

Losing Money in the Name of Diversification!

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A common buzzword in the investment world is the concept of “diversification.” Diversification at its core is the technique of mixing a wide variety of investments within a portfolio. The rationale behind this is that when your investments are diversified, you offset the risk of any one investment performing poorly to have a broadly negative effect on your portfolio. In … Read More