21 Things You Borrow, Not Buy

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Tool Shed or Money Pit? Invest wisely.   Halloween candy is already adorning store shelves. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is in full force at a coffee vendor nearest you. Kids are (finally) going back to school. This is a signal that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. With retail more cutthroat each passing year, you can expect more sales, more … Read More

How Often Should I Look?

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It’s a lot more fun to peek through holes at this age . . .  The 24-hour news cycle, compounded by social media, can be intimidating and draining. Short of entirely pulling the plug, it is incredibly difficult to avoid being bombarded by news. The headlines are designed to get you to click, and it can be hard to avoid … Read More

Is Starbucks Sipping Away Your Savings?

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Don’t let spending whip you! I love specialty coffee with a fierce passion. My license plate frame even says “Outta my way, I’m going to Starbucks!” I used to get coffee pretty much every day, which cost me after tip about $5.00 a day, and then I would buy some coffee for home too. I didn’t think much of it … Read More

Sharing is caring. It can even mean savings and better health if the lifestyle fits you.

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With housing costs on the rise, more people are considering a shared housing environment, or co-living, to meet their living needs. In some cases, this involves one party owning the home while additional tenants live in the space. In other cases, all parties agree to rent the same living space and split costs, and still others are matched through a … Read More

Don’t Feel Stucco While Buying a House!

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It’s all smiles until the roof begins to leak and there’s no emergency fund to fix it. As springtime begins to start poking its head, lots of wondrous things start happening. Trees begin to sprout buds with the promise of another beautiful year. In the Midwest where I live, hopes of warming temperatures and opportunities to grill tasty food dance … Read More

Qualified Retirement Contribution Day is Just 50 Days Away! Are you Celebrating?

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There are special days for all sorts of things – National Pizza Day (February 9th – I had BBQ Chicken), International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th), and even International Tabletop Day (April 28th this year for you board gamers out there). So I am pleased to inform you that this year, April 17th is National Qualified Retirement Contribution … Read More

Don’t Get Emotional. Right.

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By now, you have likely read headlines from the past week and a half talking about how the market has in a roller-coaster up and down. You may have heard one-liners such as “The Dow has moved 1,200 points this trading session” or CNBC’s weekend leading “Dow swings more than 22,000 points in wild week.” It’s pretty hard to ignore … Read More