Tidying Up Our Spending Habits in 3 Easy Steps

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It’s no secret: Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” on Netflix has inspired across the nation a wave of organizing, attacking clutter, and thanking items that no longer bring joy on their way to the thrift store. I can see why people have gravitated toward her and her methods. There is a sense of cleansing, of purifying the home and purifying oneself, … Read More

Begin 2019 Right On the Money!

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New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are awesome times to get on social media, confess your sins, devote yourself to a holy and righteous existence and avow to sin no more. Yet by the end of January, over half of people have given up on their resolutions, and by the end of the year less than 8% actually make … Read More

2018 Happened. 4 Ideas on Where We Go From Here

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The economy continues to make substantial strides as consumer confidence and manufacturing grow in step. The House of Representatives flipped 40 seats to the Democrats along with a bevy of state governorships. Consistent policies of tightening interest rates are acted upon globally, led by our own Federal Reserve. Tariff talks have jostled stocks more than landing into O’Hare on a … Read More