2022: New Year, New You, Let’s Go!

2020 may have felt like a decade, and 2021 may have felt like a lifetime, but there’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic for the New Year – namely, YOU, and you working toward achieving your goals!

2022: The Beat Goes On

2022: The Beat Goes OnBriggs Financial Inc. Annual Letter I feel like in many respects 2021 was perhaps a more difficult year than last year. While the pandemic reared in tremendous uncertainty in 2020, including the largest five-week drop in the history of the stock market, this past year has yielded a combination of highs, lows, but also a sort …

Fixed Income Funds Are Farsical

The thesis regarding the development and usage of fixed income funds seems reasonable on its surface. They look at a variety of factors, including volatility, benchmarks, correlation, and time horizon as a means of determining what assets are in their fund. The goal ultimately is a combination of capital preservation and income generation for the shareholder, paying out a consistent …

In Case of Emergency

Suppose you were to have an accident and were unable to make decisions regarding your health. Who would make those decisions for you? Do you have a plan?

Sharing Our Values Through Compensation

It is important for our team members to be well cared for by the firm. On the most basic of levels, we believe that every person deserves both dignity and mutual respect. We also believe that everyone is important and contributes to the growth and success of the company. That alone is sufficient justification for being thoughtful not just of …