Disrupting Your Attitude

Long-lasting improvements stem from making changes in behavior and habit. But it is your ATTITUDE that drives the actions that form those habits and behaviors. Learn more about goal-setting and how to disrupt your attitude in this week’s episode of Money is Personal.

The stock market is not efficient.

Retail and professional investors alike have been fed for half a century that the markets are entirely efficient and that there is no way to “beat” them. I think they are wrong, and in this article I introduce the case for how we approach investing in contrast to the 80% “lemmings” of the market.

Is FREE Really Worth It?

Just because something is FREE does not mean it doesn’t cost anything. Learn about how you might be manipulated by FREE in your spending and lifestyle choices.

The Argument for Truly Zero-Cost Covid-19 Vaccinations

Over the past couple of weeks, both Pfizer and Moderna released preliminary results from their stage 3 test of its COVID-19 vaccine claiming 90%+ efficacy. Leveraging mRNA technology, this breakthrough blows open not only our ability to treat COVID-19, but also has significant implications for developments of future vaccines and treatments. That all said, there have been concerns raised regarding …

2021: The Year of Getting Stuff Done

2020 has felt like half a decade all wrapped up in a year, but at last we near its end. Time to make plans now so that when the new year begins, you can hit the ground running improving your finances, your career, and your life.

Mummy & Deaddy Halloween Tax

Turn trick-or-treat into a fun, albeit twisted game of learning about TAXES! Associate Adviser Shawn Block writes about how he and his wife teach their kids about taxes.

72 Is The New 65

65 has been the typical number thrown around when people are asked about when they want to retire. Learn how that number could be out of fashion and how to be better prepared in this week’s show.