2020 Money Smart Week Webinar Events

Spend Smarter Right now!
04/05/2020, 3pm CDT

Every year, millions of Americans commit to improving their budget and saving more money. And every year, millions of Americans do not improve their budget and save more money. That’s because most Americans do not have a saving problem - they have a spending problem! Take control of your spending with this webinar, where we explore many different ways you can change your lifestyle so you can pay off debt, build wealth, and have your money working so you can build a better life.  REGISTER TODAY!

The Wealth-Building Game
04/05/2020, 4pm cdt

Wealth -building can feel initimdating because it may not seem like there is a clear roadmap on how exactly to go about that - until now. In this webinar, Steven will talk candidly about his strategy of wealth-building and why he feels other approaches cannot generate consistent results.  REGISTER TODAY!

the golden years and making your money last
04/06/2020, 7pm cdt

Maximizing your Social Security benefit, managing when you retire and how you retire, and protecting yourself from raiders (yes, I said raiders) is important as you head into retirement - and we'll cover it all in this webinar. This webinar is also VITAL for younger people with parents hitting their retirement years - learn how to look out for your parent's best interests and protect what they've built.  

401(k) and ira and hsa oh my!
04/08/2020, 7pm cdt

There's lots of lingo in the financial planning world, and while all of it may just sound the same, knowing how the basics work can help empower you to make decisions that save more money, shelter you from paying taxes now, and help you build a better future as a result. Professor Briggs will take you on a tour of the many different types of financial vehicles and show you what works, what doesn't, and how.  

i'm smart, so why am i so dumb with my money?
04/10/2020, 7pm cdt

I earned scholarships in college for my research and work in mathematics. So why, when the financial crisis hit, was I deeply in debt and in trouble? How could I be so smart, and yet so dumb with my money? Learn more about how we make bad financial decisions and how to train your brain to think differently to produce better outcomes and a healthier financial life as a result.  REGISTER TODAY!